Virginia for Law and Order Reform

Gina Crocenzi, President of Virginia for Law and Order Reform, holds a doctorate degree in modern critical theory with a concentration in philosophy of science and epistemology. She graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University and has taught at both Georgetown and Princeton Universities.

In addition to her commitment to Valor, Inc., Ms. Crocenzi has worked in business development for the federal government since 2004. She has a son, age 21, and two daughters, ages 18 and 19.

John Masterson serves as Vice-President of Public Affairs and Communication for Virginia for Law and Order Reform. He is a retired Army officer and holds an MBA from Auburn University. Mr. Masterson currently manages defense contracts for ITT Excelis. He is the father of three boys, ages 21, 25 and 28.

Richard Gardiner, General Counsel for Valor, Inc., is a graduate of George Mason University School of Law and has practiced law in Northern Virginia for over 30 years. He has briefed and argued criminal and civil appeals in the US Court of Appeals, the Virginia Supreme Court, and the Virginia Court of Appeals. Mr. Gardiner has acted as lead counsel in more than 80 trials in state and federal court. He has also testified before committees of Congress and the Virginia General Assembly. For legal inquiries, visit

Nima Zahadat, Valor's Director of Information Systems, holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems from George Washington University. He has worked as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems Technology and Instructor of Web Development at Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason University, and Georgetown University. Mr. Zahadat also serves as an independent consultant and engineer for private sector companies, developing customized websites and databases that allow companies to accomplish critical business goals.