Virginia for Law and Order Reform


Valor is defined as "boldness or determination in facing great danger, heroic courage; bravery." What is the danger we face here in Virginia? Every day in the Commonwealth of Virginia, citizens experience the effects of a judicial and law enforcement system that is in danger. More and more we hear stories of law-abiding citizens who are victimized by over-zealous prosecutors, activist judges, and even law enforcement officers on the street - all part of a legal system that stockpiles fees and fines, leaving the people with no option but to admit guilt.

Virginia for Law and Order Reform (VALOR) is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to voicing your testimonies of injustice, and proposing changes to the way justice is administered in Virginia. From police brutality to wrongful arrest, from prosecutorial misconduct to overly broad statutory laws that make it too easy for the Commonwealth to bring charges against innocent people: it is time for an overhaul of law and order.

Our goal is to reform the system from within, by funneling your complaints to the appropriate venues, and by raising a statewide awareness of how far the system has strayed from the original vision of justice for the Commonwealth.

There are several ways that you may participate in VALOR's reform. You may fill out an online complaint form and submit your account of injustice for our review. On a weekly basis, we will collect the complaints that we feel most accurately reflect the needs of Virginia as a whole, and determine how best to move forward with a proposal for change. We may follow up your complaints with an online petition, a survey, or we may meet with our state legislature and report our progress on our web site. We apologize that we cannot respond to your complaints individually, but we do provide a referral service for agencies and law firms that may be of service to you. Since we are not attorneys, we cannot give legal advice.

You may also donate to our organization. Simply click on our DONATE link and mail your contribution to the mailing address listed.

Or, if you do not wish to share your complaint publicly you may take advantage of our letter-writing service. For a nominal fee, our experienced writers will review your complaint and draft it into an official letter for your own use. You are then free to forward the correspondence on your own to the appropriate party or parties.

You may also post your experience or complaint on our Blog: "Tell Us Your Story". Hopefully through this exchange of stories, we can get a better perspective on what is lacking in our system of law and order -- what is in danger -- and what bold steps need to be taken to make it better.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support. We look forward to hearing from you!